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Welcome to Tutor Essentials!

The goal of this program is to provide you with some basic information and tips to support your tutoring experience. Tutor Essentials’ content will focus on four areas that are foundational to being an excellent tutor. The course will take approximately 4-6 hours to complete.

The training will begin with a quick Introduction to Training section followed by a module on Professional Ethics, highlighting the roles, rights, and responsibilities you’ll have as a tutor.

The training will continue with a module on Session Management and Leadership. This module will help you structure your tutoring sessions and facilitate goal-setting with your tutee.

The next module focuses on a key aspect in any relationship- Communication.

In a tutoring relationship, communication skills that focus around actively listening, building rapport, and fostering learning are key to building a successful tutoring environment.

The last module will focus on Approaches to Learning so you can customize sessions to meet an individual’s unique needs and strengths.

Once you successfully complete each module of the program, submit your Capstone for Tutor Essentials, and you can earn your “Trained in Tutor Essentials” badge on your TMS profile.

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